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The purifying facilities which MOYVEN provides for industry are based on removing contaminants from the areas in which they are generated through the use of suction (generation of air currents which drag the contaminants to a point where they are filtered).
Contaminants are captured through the use of hoods which are designed to optimise the decontamination facility to the maximum, whilst also making it as profitable as possible (the goal being to remove the contaminants with minimum investment, energy consumption and maintenance).
Conducts are static elements which connect the different parts which make up the purifying facility (hoods, pre-separators, filters, fan, etc), and which MOYVEN builds using different materials, in line with the nature of the contaminants involved.
These are used as initial purifying equipment with more efficient filtering, for different purposes such as reducing the contaminant load, removing incandescent particles which could damage the filter, etc...
These are contaminant filters, designed in line with varying operation principles and which offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of efficiency, installation cost, maintenance and operation cost, space requirements and construction materials. MOYVEN advises customers in accordance with the application.
These are items of equipment which supply the decontamination facility with the energy necessary to overcome the resistance of the hoods, conducts, pre-separators, filters, etc... The most suitable fan is chosen specifically in line with requirements in terms of pressure, flow, noise, material, etc...
MOYVEN offers soundproofing solutions to ensure that the sound levels of different processes do not exceed the limits set out by Health and Safety at Work requirements or by municipal regulations with regards to the area surrounding the site
MOYVEN has a wide range of burring decontamination posts, providing operators carrying out burring tasks with proper ventilation in healthy and hygienic conditions..
MOYVEN has a wide range of paint decontamination cabins, providing operators carrying out painting tasks with proper ventilation in healthy and hygienic conditions.
MOYVEN has a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment designed to discharge large amounts of material, this being particularly suitable when the material is found in areas which are difficult to access.
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Several of our products are included in the Basque list of clean technologies, which has important fiscal benefits. Registered associations:

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